Business Online Banking User Guides

Attention Former West Coast Bank customers: Please visit the West Coast Bank Conversion Center for guides and tips for the Business Online Banking and Treasury Management Conversion.

User Guides

  • Former West Coast Bank Customers - Use these First-Time Login Instructions
  • First Time User Instructions
    Follow these instructions to login to Business Online Banking for the first time.
  • SecureSmart Enrollment Instructions
    Follow these instructions to enroll in SecureSmart.
  • User Login Overview
    The following describes how to log into and out of the system, how to change your password and how to set up your security question, which can be used if you forget your password.
  • Customizing Your Dashboard
    The Dashboard, or Home page, is the first screen that you see after logging in. The Dashboard interface allows you to choose what information you want to display and how you want it to look.
  • Account Activity Inquiry
    Account Activity Inquiry allows you to search for a variety of transaction types and to take actions after reviewing the results of the search.
  • Account Balance Inquiry
    The Balance Inquiry service gives you access to your most up-to-date account balances. You can use Balance Inquiry to view Current Available, Current Ledger, and Account Balances.
  • Information Reporting
    Use Information Reporting to view detailed information on all your transaction activity.
  • ACH Payments
    Use ACH to make a wide variety of payment types. Each data entry screen is specifically designed for a different kind of payment.
  • Positive Pay Guide
    The Positive Pay module helps you prevent check fraud by examining questionable checks online and then determining whether each check should be paid or returned.
  • Stop Payments
    You can use the Stop Payment function to place a stop payment request against one or more checks. The Stop Payment service also allows you to verify that a check has been paid and monitor existing stop payments.
  • Wire Transfers
    The Wire Transfer service provides secure wire transfer capabilities with a streamlined, easy-to-use web browser interface.
  • Account Transfers
    The Account Transfer service makes moving funds between accounts secure and simple.
  • Creating Alerts
    Set up alerts to be notified of certain account activity.
  • CD-ROM User Guide
    If you have enrolled in CD-ROM services, please read this guide for information on installation and how to view your statement when you receive your CD-ROM.


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